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[11.08.2010 - 15:46] 50. ICQ geht wieder

Seit gestern Abend läuft mein ICQ wieder ohne Probleme.

[09.08.2010 - 15:41] 49. Derzeit kein ICQ

Falls Ihr mich derzeit im ICQ vermissen solltet, dann liegt es an einem technischen Problem außerhalb meiner vier Wände - wie der Heise-Verlag berichtet.

[05.08.2010 - 20:11] 48. IEEE Metaverse Standard Group beigetreten

Vor gut zwei Wochen bin ich der Metaverse Standard Group des IEEE beigetreten. Die Gruppe hat sich einen Mailverteiler eingerichtet und schon reichlich diskutiert. Am kommenden Samstag findet ein virtuelles Meeting statt.


Weitere Infos zum Thema findet Ihr weiter unten im Artikel IEEE plant Standards für virtuelle Welten.

[11.07.2010 - 21:12] 47. Update: Traumland Kanada in ernster politischer...

[03.07.2010 - 22:14] 46. IEEE plant Standards für virtuelle Welten

Das Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) lud heute zu einer interessanten Podiumsdiskussion ein. Veranstaltungsort war die IEEE-Insel in der virtuellen Welt Second Life. Thema war die Festlegung internationaler Standards für virtuelle Welten (VW).


Das IEEE ist ein weltweiter Verband von ca. 380.000 Ingenieuren und Informatikern und ist damit der wohl größte Berufsverband der Welt. Zweck ist die Herausgabe von Fachliteratur/Fachzeitungen, Veranstaltung von spezifischen Tagungen und die Festlegung technischer Standards, z.B. die allseits bekannte parallele Schnittstelle und FireWire.


Die IEEE hat sich nun zum Ziel gesetzt, einheitliche Standards für virtuelle Welten zu schaffen. Dazu wurde die Metaverse Standard Group ins Leben gerufen. Spezifische Ziele sind u.a. die eindeutige Identifikation der User/Avatare, Interoperabilität, einheitliches Finanzsystem (Währung & Steuern), kontrollierte Vergabe von IP-Nummern und der sichere Transfer von Vermögen und Besitztümer zwischen den verschiedenen virtuellen Welten.


Die Metaverse Standard Group der IEEE baut derzeit ein Wiki zu diesem Projekt auf und lud ein daran mitzuarbeiten. Das nächste Treffen wird voraussichtlich in einem Monat in-world stattfinden. Hierzu wird die Gruppe IEEE computer society einladen.

[30.06.2010 - 16:49] 45. Traumland Kanada in ernster politischer Krise

Ein Freund aus Kanada berichtet mir ab und an über die alarmierenden politischen Veränderungen, die in seinem Land vor sich gehen. Hier findet Ihr den englischen Originaltext meiner Unterhaltungen mit ihm zum Thema. Vom Thema Abweichendes habe ich der Kürze wegen entfernt. Meinen kanadischen Freund nenne ich hier sicherheitshalber Kanadier.


11. Januar 2010
Kanadier: yes,... I'm over my cold,.. but my country is in severe crisis. Our Government has been revealed to be a Neo-Nazi party,.. they are betraying the country and trying to turn Canada into a Fascist Regime. they face charges from the International Crimes Court. Human Rights violations in Afghanistan. countless innocent civilians have been raped, tortured and killed in Afghanistan,... all orchestrated by our Fascist Government. they have been decieving us,.. we are betrayed... the media has been muzzled. I have to notify as many Canadians as Possible.

Richard Colvin Testimony (part 1): What Harper is hiding from

Richard Colvin Testimony (part 2): What Harper is hiding from
Torsten Funk: how have you noticed it? was it in some news?
Kanadier: it has been happening for a number of years now
Torsten Funk: but it seems to be something new for you now
Kanadier: we have all had our suspicions... but his recent behaviour brought a number of atrocities to light. there is a growing movement. the 2 videos are the Head Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan Kandahar region. he's being persecuted.
Torsten Funk: [Anm.: An dieser Stelle fand ich Infos über den Terroristen Richard Colvin Reid, welcher hier aber nicht gemeint war] i still dont understand. this man was a terrorist and is the ambassador of Canada in Afghanistan now?
Kanadier: no... Richard Colvin is NOT a terrorist,.. he is a hero,.. he is being persecuted by OUr leaders... they are trying to send him to prison, to silence him. they are trying to silence ALL Canadians. we are being treated like cattle, or worse sheep. the tv news is laced with Harper Propaganda. he wants to install himself as a Dictator.

Marg, Princess Warrior - The Sweater Vest Bonfire.

they ahve been interfering with the Facebook group in any way they can,.. they are using the media against us,.. trying to silence us... turn us into a Fascist Regime. it's a crisis. the Brown Shirts are verywhere. I know when it's time for Canadians to rise up and defeat our oppressors.

Minister's brother: Harper wants to dodge probe

our freedoms will be revoked... we are nothing more than sheep to these fascists. they have been trying to interfere with out media etc.

Harper goes prorogue

27. Januar 2010
Kanadier: we had over 70 rallies all across Canada on saturday. our leader 'Harper' is in essence a fascist. and is trying to subvert Canada and it political procedures to fascism. this has never happened before in Canada within my lifetime,.. it's disturbing to say the least. the media is being manipulated. even certain politically 'hot' media items have been blocked in Canada. on the internet I mean ,.. youtube etc. we have managed to get the key diplomats legal funding restored. and our complaints are now being recognized by the opposition parties, I believe we will soon be rid of this tyrant. he cannot escape due legal process. we are not 'out of the woods' yet. they are waging a propaganda war against the entire country,.. but I think public opinion is swaying to the truth
Torsten Funk: is it possible bring a charge against mr harper?
Kanadier: yes,.. he and his cabinet face charges from the International Crimes Court,.. war crime charges. pertaining to the treatment of Afghanistan detainees. allegations of torture, rape and murder of innocent civillians. I cannot bear to even look at the guy now,.. it's like looking at hitler, or mussolini. yes,.. they shut parliament illegally to avoid an inquiry,.. they have refused to provide documents relating to the matter. many innocent civilians are being killed needlessly. Canada used to have a reputation as a 'peace-keeping' nation,.. not any longer :( If we do not rid ourselves of this Harper fascist ,.. Canada may well plunge into civil war. almost 220,000 Canadians have joined the fb protest group. and growing daily. we are managing to affect public opinion
Torsten Funk: do you have private and state tv in canada?
Kanadier: yes,.. all are controlled. it's propaganda and censorship. we are a peaceful country... we cannot have a fascist leader. it has all happened slowly,.. but they have managed to piss a lot of people off in the process. I could not estimate their population here, I do not believe that the people who voted for them knew or believed they are fascist. alas,.. too many of my countrymen are easily distracted by 'hockey' and the like,.. and could not be bothered to pay attention to politics. we have too many 'left-wing' or liberal parties,.. and only one right-wing party... thus the vote is split,.. and we are left with a minority government. the right wings are the neo-cons. I prefer to call them neo-nazis. yes,.. where there is only 1 'choice'. that is what they are trying to create here. yes,.. in this case 36% that means that over 60% of the country did NOT vote for these scoundrels,.. and where is OUR representation?... the system is not working. nothing else superceded my need to save my country. I sang several protest songs @ the local pub last weekend with friends,.. and explained to the crowd what was happening while the solos were going on. I managed to get through to a few locals and many of my friends. but there was no rally here :( I live in a neo-con stronghold... people here are either too stupid to see what is happening or the just don't give a damn... preferring to go skiing or some other equally mundane activity. I have stopped talkling to specific individuals here because they expressed views that were unconcsionable to me

27. Februar 2010
Torsten Funk: whats about canada? any news?
Kanadier: the political unrest continues. parliament is scheduled to resume on March 3rd. I predict a lot of 'kerfuffle'
Torsten Funk: it is closed at the moment?
Kanadier: yes,.. that was one of the triggers to all of the protests. democracy is suspended. there seem to be incidents daily where the government embarrases itself, or does something very stupid. I can only hope that the opposition parties unseat this tyrant. we have been told that within a matter of days,.. if documents are not released pertaining to the Afghan detainees abuse scandal, the dictator could find himself and any involved ministers in contempt of parliament and summarily arrested. this is my fondest wish atm. I want them to answer for their crimes against Canada and humanity in general
Torsten Funk: arresting him is something they discuss currently?
Kanadier: it has been discussed on television on the political channels I've been monitoring. thousands of people are enraged
Torsten Funk: no, there was never something about canada in our news, only the olympia
Kanadier: yes,.. they censor much. it is a stinging critique of Harper. whose name by the way is uncomfortably close to 'hitler'. our country is fast approaching totalitarianism
Torsten Funk: and i like countries with big forest and when it isnt too warm
Kanadier: yes,... correct,.. that is also where the missles were sighted earlier this month
Torsten Funk: did they found out who fired the missles?
Kanadier: no,.. it has been covered up and dismissed as a child's toy rocket ,.. which is a preposterous assertion. bear in mind that thousands of people have written to International Crimes Court regarding our corrupt Prime Minister, and his crimes in Afghanistan,.. expressing our concern for our democracy,.. furthermore,. they do face charges there (from the ICC)

25. März 2010
Torsten Funk: what about your situation in canada? is it better now?
Kanadier: it is dubious. I await results,.. the evil gov't persists,.. and refuses to co-operate with Parliament. it is frustrating.. if good does not prevail... then Canada as we know it has come to an end. it angers me that such fascists can infiltrate our government so easily and destroy our country from within GRRR. these people are extremists,.. they are a faction of the Klu Klux Klan,.. they migrated north from the USA. white supremacists. I was on the fb group monitoring the chat and reading the articles. one of our number back-tracked a persistent griefer and found his blogs. they were all KKK propaganda,... and there was Hitler's Nuremburg speech there too,.. the fascist refuse to hand over the documents relating to the torture of Afghan detainees,.. they were tortured, raped and murdered,. the senior diplomat to Khandahar exposed the corruption,.. and now the fascists hide and cover-up their crimes. no,.. there is a black-out of information,.. it goes both ways,.. they filter the news that gets out and they filter the news that gets in... it's difficult to trust the tv news at all.

Harper's hitlist: The Afghan torture affair

this is an article I found yesterday,.. I still haven't gotten to read it.

Facebook-Gruppe: Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament

UPDATED - PrivilegeWatch: Detainee-related document dump rekindles battle over parliamentary power

this one talks about the continuing fiasco over the documents. they banned a peace-maker from Canada a few years ago,.. british MP George Galloway,.. he was about to attend a peace rally in Toronto,.. and now they have a fascist from the USA speaking hate speech at Canadian universities,.. pffftt! her name is 'Ann Coulter' she is famous for her hate speech. she is a 'republican'... republican=fascist. yes,.. there was protest in Ottawa university,.. she insulted many people in one fell swoop. she told some asian students to 'take a camel' instead of flying. yes,.. Canada is upside down. democracy no longer exists here
Torsten Funk: how far it changes/effects your daily life? some weeks ago you said something about 'brown shirts'
Kanadier: that will become increasingly evident through time... but currently,.. freedom of speech is curtailed,.. rampant poverty... the news is pure propaganda... we are being set against each other,.. those that blindly believe the lies and those that do not. we are being split. they accuse the french of Quebec of things and pit them against the fascists in Alberta... it's extremely frustrating.. protests are met with violence and agent provocateurs. the fb group is constantly beset by fascist operatives who seek to undermine the free exchange of ideas and viewpoints
Torsten Funk: violence? on streets?
Kanadier: yes. it is not broadcast outside the country. nor inside,.. it can be seen on blogs and postings on the internet. the tv news favors the fascists. I have spoken with people in my little town,.. mere aquaintances,. who Favor the actions of the fascists,.. astounding
Torsten Funk: what do you meant with 'agent provocateurs'?
Kanadier: agent provocateurs, agents who infiltrate the protests,.. and incite violence thereby giving the police justification to employ violence ,.. and arrest otherwise innocent people. before the Olympics,.. many known protesters were rounded up and arrested without cause
Torsten Funk: are they free again now?
Kanadier: unknown. those were the worst Olympics in history. I feel that this has been allowed to go on for FAR too long,.. the opposition parties are proving ineffective,.. my disappointment is mounting. I mean,.. amonst all the other atrocities,.. we are talking about the murder rape and torture of innocent civilians,.. I admit,,.. considering all that has happened,.. our soldiers dying for an unjust cause,.. believing they are 'doing their duty'... it has brought me to tears on occasion. and the daily broacasts of the parliament are not especially encouraging. it seems the fascists have no end of delaying tactics,.. and ways of stonewalling the truth. as far as I am concerned,.. they should all be swinging from the gallows. THAT is too good for them. would that they could suffer the horrors they have visited upon their victems
Torsten Funk: and Harper has still to talk wit the international war curt about afghanistan?
Kanadier: that remains to be seen,.. to my knowledge,.. there is an ongoing investigation by the ICC,...but who knows how long that may take?
Torsten Funk: what is this FB group?
Kanadier: it started from the proroguing of parliament.. the suspension of democracy... well.. democracy is all but dead now. we will descend into civil war.. if this is not resolved. my prediction.. my opinion only ,.. but,.. that is what I see. this video by Leonard Cohen (a Canadian poet) sums it all up for me
Torsten Funk: [Songtext]
Kanadier: there have been broadcasts of the hitler era on the public channel,..( the channel that is supposed to be FOR the people, and supposed to be unbiased)
Torsten Funk: what they broadcasted on this channel? old speeches?
Kanadier: old speeches ,, analysis of how he rose to power and how he betrayed Germany ect etc. there is a disturbing parallel to what is happening in Canada right now. they are using precisely the same techniques here
Torsten Funk: but isn't it an enlightment then to show and discuss such speeches?
Kanadier: I believe it was an 'attempt' on behalf of the CBC to do so ,yes,.. but as to it's effectiveness... who can say? certainly the fascists would enjoy such broadcasts,.. but others may simply turn to the hockey channel
Torsten Funk: depends on the spoken text, because you need a translation and commentation. possible they changed the text while translating
Kanadier: no,.. just that my country men & women are easily distracted.. ( I am not) we have not had to endure horrors on the scale that Europe did in ww2. it is not as prevalent,.. we do not have physical reminders such as the structures you spoke of,.. we have the memories of our lost war dead,.. but that memory fades with time and generations

[30.06.2010 - 12:11] 44. Infos bzgl. Office-Dateiformaten

Leider ist das .DOC-Format für Daten von Textverarbeitungsprogrammen immer noch sehr verbreitet. Es hat sich in den letzten Jahren aber sehr viel getan. Daher hier einen kleinen Überblick über die typischen Formate von Textverarbeitungsprogrammen:

- veraltetes MS Office Format
- unsicher, speichert u.U. riskante Daten
- Nutzung, vor allem Weitergabe, sollte vermieden werden

- veraltetes MS Office Format (bis Version 2007)
- sicheres Format
- Nutzung sollte vermieden werden

.DOCX (Office Open XML):
- Weiterentwicklung von .XML
- MS Office Format seit Version 2007
- genormt nach ISO/IEC-Norm 29500:2008
- angeblich(!) sicheres Format
- mittlerweile schon Auslaufmodell, da von .ODT überholt


.SXW (Sun XML Writer)
- veraltetes
- wurde durch .ODT abgelöst
- keine Risiken bekannt
- sollte nicht mehr genutzt werden

.ODT (OpenDocument Text):
- allgemeiner Standard gängiger Office-Pakete
- seit 2005 von OpenOffice unterstützt
- genormt nach ISO/IEC 26300:2006
- MS Office-Format seit Version 2007
- verwendbar von vielen anderen Programmen, Online-Tools, ...
- sicheres Format
- Vorzugs-Format

[30.06.2010 - 11:46] 43. Prüfungen zum Qualitätsmanager bestanden

In den vergangenen Monaten habe ich eine berufliche Weiterbildung gemacht und währenddessen die Prüfungen zum Qualitätsbeauftragten (TüV) und aufbauend zum Qualitätsmanager (TüV) erfolgreich bestanden. Weitere Inhalte waren Projektmanagement, Prozessmanagement, Kommunikation, BWL, Unternehmensführung, Recht und EDV.

[08.03.2010 - 18:36] 42. Glänzend durch Abwesenheit

Bis Ende Juni befinde ich mich in einer beruflichen Weiterbildung und werde daher eher schlecht erreichbar sein. Verwendet bis dahin bitte eMail oder ICQ.


Allen einen schönen Frühling!

[21.01.2010 - 16:20] 41. Update Blender-Tutorial: MP3, Ogg & MIDI in der GE

In der Kategorie Tutorials findet Ihr das Blender-Tutorial: MP3, Ogg-Vorbis und MIDI in der Game Engine, welches ich nun upgedated habe. Viel Spass damit!